Commissioning art is the process by which an artist creates a work of art on a client's invitation.

How to order a commission:

  • Contact me through Email or Instagram direct message 
  • Describe what you would like commissioned to the best of you ability. (for example: include how many people/characters, background, outfits, theme) Also provide good quality reference pictures in order for me to execute your commission to the best of my ability.
  • After gathering enough information and direction, I will proceed to a rough draft sketch.
  • Once rough draft sketch is approved by you, payment is required via Venmo or PayPal in order to proceed to final product.
  • The final product is then sent via email as a jpeg, png, &/or pdf


  • Headshot ($20)
  • Bust ($25)
  • Waist Up ($35)
  • Full Body ($45)

*Additional pricing for more than one person/ characters may be included. As well as detailed backgrounds or any other specifically challenging details.


Email me or Direct Message on Instagram